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Graffiti Artists for a more colorful world

Boring facades, Empty walls. Soulless spaces. Nobody likes it. But what is the solution?
Graffiti! The Graffiti artists from Mural Kings will turn the most boring facades into the most impressive eye-catchers. With Graffiti we can transform the most boring and empty walls into complete works of art and the most soulless space into spaces that will continue to fascinate everyone. 

Graffiti artists from all over the world

Mural Kings is an international network of passionate and professional graffiti artists. Only the best graffiti artists are good enough for Mural Kings. Every artist is passionate about the craft and we have the collective goal of making the world a little bit more positive and colorful.

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Mural Kings’ Graffiti Artists:

  • Karski & Beyond: The colorful graffiti art, from the Dutch duo Karski & beyond, will never bore and will continue to amaze. In 2016 the graffiti artists made the largest Mural in the world on the facade of  Club 01NE in Abu Dhabi.
  • Colectivo Licuado: You can find the lifelike depictions by Colectivo Licuado from Belgium to Spain and from Argentina to Uruguay. You would not just walk past. You are bound to stop and admire these special classical artworks. 
  • Bier en Brood: Beer and Bread demonstrates that graffiti art does not always need to be colorful. These graffiti artists are even ‘colorful’ in black and white. Their beautiful, detailed and abstract art pieces are unique and distinct. 
  • Artez: Artez is one of the most prominent Serbian graffiti artists of his generation. He combines photorealism with illustration and knows how to use beautiful colors to make his art pieces come alive.  
  • Malakkai: From the murals done by the Spanish graffiti artist Malakkai it becomes clear that he has a preference for animals and women. He manages to picture them in such an impressive way that time and again you will discover new aspects in his compositions.

Graffiti Art for inside and outdoors 

Everyone knows graffiti from on the facades of buildings and walls outside. The Graffiti artists from Mural Kings are known for the most diverse, beautiful graffiti art pieces on buildings and walls here and abroad. But Graffiti does not have to limit itself to outside. Our Graffiti artists are also active inside, in halls, offices and even in living rooms and bedrooms. With their Graffiti art, they really bring a space or a wall alive. 

Graffiti artists without borders

The graffiti artists from Mural Kings have no limits – both geographically and in what is possible. No facade is too big and no wall too long. No assignment is too crazy and no country is too far. The Graffiti Artists from Mural Kings are active all over the world and create the biggest and most incredible art works. Thanks to the high quality material and the careful craftsmanship you will be able to enjoy it for a surprisingly long time. 

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Graffiti artists with an eye for what you want 

The graffiti artists from Mural Kings want to create something beautiful. Something that leads to amazement or a smile on everyone’s face.  Especially on yours. It is your city or your building the Mural will be painted on. You will have ideas and wishes related to it. A good graffiti artist does not just make their own plans, but listens to this. The Graffiti artists at Mural Kings will  therefore look for a fitting design for your mural together with you.  

The  graffiti Artists from Mural kings will take care of everything for you

There is a lot involved in creating a mural. The facade of the building needs to be inspected, for example, surroundings need to be covered against spray paint mist and scaffolding or cherry pickers might need to be used. You do not have to worry about any of this. The Graffiti artists from Mural Kings will take care of everything.  What can we do for you?

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