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Mural Kings is the organization in the field of murals. We are an international street-art network and aim to make the world more colorful! That way we can create finer living and working places. Do you have a bare room, wall or façade that should be brought to life? We are happy to make this happen for you.

From murals to curatorship and from festival organization to mediation in art projects: we’ve got the expertise. With our paintings and projects we bring a positive and colorful change to every room and we know how to create a smile on many faces.

Mural Kings takes care of your project from A to Z. You only have one point of contact for your project where clear communication is paramount. We go through all options and possibilities with you. In good consultation, we come to a suitable design for the painting. Mural Kings takes care of the rest!

Passionated professionals and artists with years of experience:

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